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In the United Kingdom, the first Burger King restaurant opened in 1977.  At its approximately 500 locations throughout the United States, Burger King provides customers with a varied menu including Flame Grilled Burgers, chicken meals, vegetable alternatives, wraps, and salads. You may indulge in their King Savers menu, which offers amazing prices on your favourite items, and you can also browse their selections for dessert, children, and breakfast.

Burger King’s food is of such good quality that it justifies the higher costs, making it an excellent option for rewarding yourself. You may have access to the whole Burger King menu, with pricing for all of the products, including burgers, beverages, sides, desserts, meals for children, and breakfast alternatives, without leaving the convenience of your backyard.

Look at the most recent and updated pricing on the Burger UK menu.

Flame Grilled Burger

ItemsSizePrice in £
Double WhopperSandwich£5.49
Double WhopperMeal£7.49
Whopper JrSandwich£1.49
Whopper JrMeal£2.99
Double Cheeseburgersandwich£3.99
Double CheeseburgerMeal£5.99
Bacon Double Cheeseburgersandwich£5.49
Bacon Double CheeseburgerMeal£7.49
Bacon Double Cheese XLSandwich£5.49
Bacon Double Cheese XLMeal£7.49
Big King XLSandwich£5.69
Big King XLMeal£7.49
Bacon KingSandwich£4.69
Bacon KingMeal£6.69
Long Big KingSandwich£4.69
Long Big KingMeal£6.69

Crispy & Tender Chicken

ItemsSizePrice in £
Crispy ChickenSandwich£4.99
Crispy ChickenMeal£6.99
Crispy Chicken Bacon KingSandwich£5.19
Crispy Chicken Bacon KingMeal£7.19
Chicken RoyaleSandwich£4.49
Chicken RoyaleMeal£6.49
Bacon Cheese Chicken RoyaleSandwich£5.49
Bacon Cheese Chicken RoyaleMeal£7.49
2pc Chicken Strips MealSandwich£4.69
4pc Chicken Strips MealMeal£6.49
King FishSandwich£3.79
King FishMeal£5.79

Veggie, Wraps & Salad

ItemsCategoryPrice in £
Veggie Bean BurgerSandwich£4.49
Veggie Bean BurgerMeal£6.49
Green SaladSandwich£2.49
Crispy Chicken SaladSandwich£3.99


ItemsPrice in £
Flat White£4.94
Hot Chocolate£2.69
Soft drink£5.94
Orange Juice£2.94
Apple Juice£2.94
Bottled Water£1.99


Items NameSizesPrice in £
Chicken NuggetsRegular£6.99
Chicken NuggetsLarge£5.49
Chicken StripsRegular£4.49
Chicken StripsLarge£5.49
Chilli Cheese BitesRegular£3.49
Onion RingsLarge£3.99
Onion RingsRegular£6.99
Chilli Cheese BitesLarge£5.49
Mozzarella SticksRegular£7.49
Mozzarella SticksLarge£3.69

King Savers

Items NamePrice in £
Double Cheeseburger£1.49
Chicken Sandwich£1.49
Chilli Cheese Bites£0.99
Small Fries£0.99
Small Soft Drink£0.99


ItemsSizesPrice in £
Breakfast KingSandwich£3.99
Breakfast KingMeal£4.94
Ultimate Breakfast SandwichSandwich£5.94
Ultimate Breakfast SandwichMeal£6.69
Bacon & Egg SandwichSandwich£3.39
Bacon & Egg SandwichMeal£6.94
Sausage & Egg SandwichSandwich£4.94
Sausage & Egg SandwichMeal£3.39
Bacon ButtySandwich£9.94
Bacon ButtyMeal£3.99
Sausage ButtySandwich£6.94
Sausage ButtyMeal£5.99
Sausage Croissan’wichSandwich£3.99
Sausage Croissan’wichMeal£7.94
Bacon Croissan’wichSandwich£5.94
Bacon Croissan’wichMeal£6.99
Double Croissan’wichSandwich£3.94
Double Croissan’wichMeal£5.94
Bacon King MuffinSandwich£6.94
Bacon King MuffinMeal£4.49

Kids Meal

Items NamePrice in £
Chicken Nuggets£3.94
Chicken Sandwich£1.99
Veggie Bean Burger£2.94
Fish Fingers£3.94
Small Fries£694
Apple Fries£4.94
Tropicana Apple Juice£3,94

Have it your way

Add an extra Burger (Beef)£1.00
Add Cheese£0.50
Add Bacon£0.50
Add Dips£0.95

Burger King UK Menu Highlights and Categories

Summary of the Burger King UK menu: There are a lot of choices at Burger King UK, such as sharer boxes, sides, fries, meals, special burgers, packs, ice cream, drinks, kids’ meals, and sauces and dips. The menu has choices for everyone, including the famous Whopper, the Vegan Royale, the Argentinian Angus, and the Bacon Double Cheeseburger. Customers can choose from many sides, like chicken nuggets, veggie nuggets, onion rings, and chilli cheese bites, to make a full meal. For dessert, Burger King serves tasty Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and drinks that are sure to cool you down.


  • What are the Opening Hours of Burger King Restaurants in the UK?

Different locations may have different hours, but in the UK, most Burger King restaurants are open from 10am to 11 a.m. and close between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m.

  • Does Burger King in the UK Offer Any Vegetarian Options?

In the UK, yes, Burger King does have veggie options. For example, the Veggie Bean Burger and different sides like King Fries and Onion Rings are available.

  • Can I Customise My Burger at Burger King in the UK?

Of course! “Have It Your Way” is Burger King’s strategy, which lets customers make their burgers their own by adding or taking away items as they please.

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