Burger King Sauce Showdown: Ranking the Best Dipping Sauces

To provide customers with the ability to personalize their meals, Burger King provides a selection of dipping sauces for the side dishes that they provide. Barbecue, Buffalo, Ranch, Sweet and Sour, Zesty, and Honey Mustard are the six sauces that are available to choose from. To satisfy the cravings of chicken fried and onion ring dippers all over the globe, a taste test was carried out to establish which sauce is the most delicious.

Burger King faced supply issues with its signature Zesty Sauce due to a global horseradish shortage in 2019, which has not been resolved. The sauce used to be served with onion rings, but it is now hard to find, and locations that do have it can be stingy with portions. As a result, the sauce was not available for testing in a review of Burger King sauces. The review focused on determining the best sauce on the Burger King menu by testing various sauces with nuggets, chicken fries, fries, and onion rings.

BBQ Sauce

We have reached the top of this concise and enjoyable list. Presenting Burger King’s BBQ Sauce, known for its delightful flavor. Although it moves towards the sweeter side of barbecue sauces, it features a subtle smokiness that pairs well with chicken fries, nuggets, and onion rings. This sauce is truly exceptional, standing out as the top choice for dipping at Burger King and ranking among the finest fast-food BBQ sauces we’ve sampled.

When it comes to taste, the Burger King BBQ burger beats local favorites such as McDonald’s and Popeyes. After trying this taste test, we’re considering that it could rival Wendy’s, being a bit smokier than Burger King’s option, although it may not be as delicious. After careful consideration, it became evident that there was a single sauce that deserved to be at the top of the list.

Honey Mustard

Two popular sauces at Burger King are Honey Mustard and Chick-fil-A. Although Honey Mustard may not be the top choice in the fast-food industry, it offers a sweet and well-balanced option that almost outshines the competition at Burger King. The sauces have a sweet and balanced flavor profile, which enhances the overall fast-food experience for those who enjoy a harmonious taste.

The Honey Mustard sauce we received with our nuggets and fries was a fantastic pairing for both items, particularly the nuggets. The creamy sauce started sweet but then revealed a distinct Dijon mustard kick, adding a touch of complexity. The Burger King Honey Mustard sauce stood out in our rankings for its unique flavor profile, making it highly desirable. Close, but not quite there.

Sweet & Sour

Although the Sweet and Sour sauce offered by Burger King is a good choice, it does not include any sour flavor. A trace of fruitiness may be detected in the sauce, which is sweet and delicious. It does not want to recreate the famed Asian-inspired sauce that McDonald’s is famous for, but it may have improved in some places. The flavor might have been better, even if it is not an attempt to imitate McDonald’s.

When you first look at the sauce, it just seems sweet. But after a few bites, you could taste the pineapple and lemon. But these flavors don’t add something sour to balance out the sweetness; instead, they make it taste even sweeter. Along with chicken fries and onion rings, it’s not a bad thing. But we don’t think it goes well with fries because the sweetness is too much and the fries don’t have enough salt to balance it out.


Next is Ranch Sauce, which is Burger King’s tastiest dipping sauce. There are a lot of people in the US who can’t live without this flavor. Ranch fans don’t have to bring their bottle to BK, but it wouldn’t hurt to do so. This fast food Ranch Sauce isn’t terrible; in fact, it’s not even close to being the worst we’ve ever had. The Herbal and Salty taste is there, but not too strong. The consistency is nice and creamy, not at all mushy, which is a sign of bad Ranch. It’s still a good Ranch dressing.

The part we don’t like best is the dipping sauce. You know what? We thought Burger King’s Ranch went best with their onion rings, which is something that not many fast food places offer. The Ranch makes Burger King’s doughy fried rings better, but they’re not the best fast food onion rings. The same is true for the fries that don’t have enough seasoning; dipping them in the sauce makes them more salty. Because of these things, it is more useful and tastes better than Buffalo Sauce.


The zesty sauce is Burger King’s unique dipping sauce. It is known for being sweet, sour, and spicy. It goes well with burgers, chicken, and fries. It has a unique taste and is the thickest and creamiest of their dipping sauces. It tastes sour and tangy like vinegar and spicy like horseradish. They like to pair it with a lot of different things on their menu because it’s smooth and thick.

Buffalo Sauce

Burger King’s Buffalo sauce is last on the list. We already know what to expect from fast food in Buffalo if you’ve had it before. When we got BK’s Buffalo, we got a smooth, light version of a regular hot sauce. Ask yourself why it’s at the bottom. The reason is that this sauce doesn’t add any heat or taste.

Although the Buffalo flavor is easily recognizable, it’s very mild. Burger King’s Buffalo sauce doesn’t have the same level of spiciness as McDonald’s. It was somewhat bland and failed to stand out on the list. It paired perfectly with chicken rather than fries or onion rings, but we considered it the least impressive out of the five sauces we sampled. If you’re craving the punch of Zesty Sauce, Burger King’s Buffalo won’t quite hit the spot.

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