Burger King’s Signature Menu in Saudi Arabia [Updated]

Burger King Saudi Arabia provides the best list to taste the indulging food to try it out. BK’s special ingredients and soul-melting tastes make you love it with your meal. 

Try out BK’s special chicken sandwiches and fries with the coolest and most refreshing drink that goes with your meal to make it the best food for appetizers. 

Burger King makes people happy and gives you an immersive experience whether you want to eat at a restaurant or take it out. Must visit Burger King Saudi Arabia to try BK’s tremendous meal.


On the kosher terrain of Saudi Arabia one of the most outstanding and tremendous names that leap up as an amazing and indulging food restaurant: is Burger King. BK’s menu provides delicious and unbeatable flavours that will satisfy your hunger. Burger King is famous for the fresh and special ingredients that turn the simple recipe into mouth-watering flavours. Burger King is worldwide famous for its cuisine. 

According to 2022 statistical data, it has 19739 branches all over the world. In Saudi Arabia, 400 franchises are widely known for the best services. 


Burger King initiated its first service in 1992 in Riyad with the finest cuisine as it was the city’s main point for tourists and citizens. then, expand its branches all over the country. Burger King is the oldest and most modern restaurant chain that offers the Saudi grilled flavour with American burgers to tourists. 

Do you know?

The familiarity with Burger King…

Burger King is famous for its flame-grilled burgers, mighty menu, and tremendous flavours which make it special for the customer’s values.


Burger King restaurants take its customers as their family and try to provide as many services as they can which include comfort for the differentiable customers including wheelchair-accessible car parks, wheelchair-accessible entrances, wheelchair-accessible seating, and wheelchair-accessible toilets. 


Burger King offers great deals and provides late-night food services for your midnight craving. you can get food with the fastest delivery and grab a bite in the drive-through. It also provides small plates for its customers and also changes in ingredients for sensitive and health-conscious people. 

Burger King is not only concerned about adult customers but also children as a special kid’s menu are included in the cuisine to make them feel special and indulge themselves in the food ocean. 

Dining options

Burger King came up with the distinctive assistance of breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, catering, counter services, and dessert. you can also make arrangements for the party, party dinners, and other events.


Burger King in the Saudi Kingdom allows their customers to pay their bills at a convenience like credit cards, debit cards, NFC mobile payments, credit cards, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, and VISA.

Fixed Price Menu

In Saudi Arabia, Burger King is the treasure of cuisine which offers every customer a delightful menu. Let’s check out some delicious offerings that fulfil the craving and make them visit again:

Premium Selection

King Burger offers signature steakhouse Whooper to satisfy the taste with a mighty burger with perfect toppings including a huge patty, American cheese, fresh beacons, and flamed-grilled meat.


    A whopper king of burgers filled with double cheese, mayo, grilled patties, mouthwatering sauces, and delicious toppings to satisfy hunger.


      craving cannot be satisfied if not added to the sides. Burger King offers tremendous sides to complete the flavor and cravings like crispy fried chicken, onion rings, nuggets, french fries, cheesy fries, and mozzarella cheese sticks.


        A happy meal is incomplete without desserts as it makes people smile and is a good gesture for any happy event. soft drinks, sports, and many other flavorful and delicious mouthwatering desserts are good to go with the super meal. making yourself feel good Hot chocolate and tea tarik is a must-try.


          Burger King offers light food and fresh salads for health-conscious people and people who love to diet and make themselves healthy with flavorful and nutritious cuisine. 

          King Selection

          Smokey BBQ Sandwich32 SAR
          Smokey BBQ Meal40 SAR
          Chilli Mayo Sandwich32 SAR
          Chilli Mayo Meal40 SAR

          Beef Meals

          Whopper Meal32 SAR
          Double Whopper Meal38 SAR
          Big King XL Meal39 SAR
          Stakehouse Burger Meal37 SAR

          Chicken Meals

          Chicken Whooper Meal36 SAR
          King ChickenFillet Meal36 SAR
          Spicy Chicken Deluxe Meal32 SAR
          Chicken Spicy Meal28 SAR

          King Jr Meals

          Kids burger Meal17 SAR
          Kids Chicken Burger Meal17 SAR
          Kids Chicken Nuggets Meals17 SAR


          Family Bundles89 SAR
          Special King Bundle45 SAR
          AlShella Meal79 SAR

          Beef Sandwiches

          Whopper25 SAR
          Double Whooper27 SAR
          Big king XL32 SAR
          Steakhouse30 SAR

          Chicken Sandwiches

          Chicken whooper29 SAR
          King Chicken Fillet30 SAR
          Chicken Deluxe22 SAR
          Spicy Chicken Deluxe25 SAR

          Salad & Side Items

          King Garden Salad18 SAR
          King Chicken Salad22 SAR
          Mozzarella CheeseStick 3pcs14 SAR
          Chicken Fries18 SAR


          Coke 7 SAR
          Water3 SAR
          Coke Zero7 SAR
          Sprite7 SAR


          Dip pot BBQ Sauce2 SAR
          Dip pot Garlic Sauce2 SAR
          Dip pot Fiery Sauce2 SAR


          Apple Pie7 SAR

          Burger King Data Insights

          With the best and finest culinary cuisines, Burger King is worldwide famous and known for the best American burgers. it has the best statistics and marvellous insights that hugely impact the Saudi Arabia database:

          Number of venues/Locations: Burger King is spread all over the country with more than 400 branches which makes it easier and convenient for customers to reach it as not only drive-throughs, and restaurants but the delivery options are available. From Jeddah to Riyadh, Burger King is available in every corner.

          Career opportunities: Burger King offers great opportunities to the thousands of Saudis to work with them to raise the economy and development of the country. It helps the people of the country as well as helps the government, and economy and helps to interact with a lot of customers within the country and the tourists. 

            Hence, it is knowable to the other countries and raises recognition to get more famous and increase employment careers.

            Customer Delight: Burger King Saudi Arabia is quite known for its services like friendly behaviour, customer satisfaction, delicious food, fine quality food, and satisfaction they feel about services. According to the survey, the feedback is positive and ranked high as compared to other restaurants. 

              Public Participation: People in Saudi Arabia know that Burger King will always have their backs. Burger King helps out local companies and nonprofits by delivering delicious, high-quality food.

              Dine Like a King at Burger King Saudi Arabia and Savor the Flavor of Royalty!


              Burger King Saudi Arabia is the quick service restaurant in the world with the finest quality food. It has a unique harmony of Saudi taste which indulges the customers to satisfy their cravings. 

              The first branch of Burger King was built in Alula an ancient city of Saudi Arabia which is the destination of visitors and locals to give value to the American food chain. 

              This results in a high rank in sales with tremendous flavours and mouth-watering cuisine. Most importantly, the customer satisfaction rate is quite high for every service and every deal. So must try out its meal to satisfy your hunger as its King Burger Saudi Arabia is a heavenly fresh and tempting appetizer.

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