Sink Your Teeth into Burger King’s Legendary Fish Sandwich

Since 1975, Burger King has offered a fish sandwich that is referred to as the BK Big Fish. This sandwich has been considered a menu item. Burger King is the place where you may get it and can be purchased at a specific price. Those who are interested in the sandwich’s composition may acquire the nutritional information, which includes the number of calories and the components. Additionally, a recipe for the Burger King Fish Sandwich is provided for those who are interested in making it at home.

What is the Burger King Big Fish?

Panko crumbs are used to coat the White Alaskan Pollock fillet that is included in the Big Fish Sandwich. The fillet is then topped with iceberg lettuce, sweet tartar sauce, and pickles. Every single component of the meal is piled on top of a brioche bun that has been toasted. According to The Daily Meal, a true brioche is not suitable for use as sandwich bread since it is too light and fluffy. The bun, on the other hand, needs to be more resilient than a real brioche.

For those who don’t know, White Alaskan Pollock is a mild-flavoured white fish that has a delicate, thin structure. You may have eaten a lot of it as a child in the form of fish sticks or pieces of fried fish. The protein can also be found in fake lobster or crab. Once it’s on the bun, the panko-breaded fish will probably have that crunchy, satisfying crunch. The pickles and tartar sauce finish off the sandwich by adding both sweet and sour notes to the taste.

When Did the Big Fish Come Out?

Since its introduction in 1975, the fish sandwich at Burger King, which was once known as The Whaler, has been popular with customers on the menu. After some time, in 1978, when Burger King first released its Specialty Sandwich line, it was renamed as the Long Fish Sandwich sandwich. A simpler version of the sandwich, known as the Big Fish Sandwich, was introduced in 1998 and has since gained popularity all over the world. The sandwich was first made available in chain restaurants in Europe, with Spain adding extra black pepper in the year 2015. As an alternative to McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish, the sandwich gained popularity in other countries throughout the world.

What Does Burger King Fish Sandwich Look Like?

Here is a picture of Burger King’s fish sandwich. The fish sandwich doesn’t look that bad, even though the eco-friendly paper wrapping was easier to crush than the old Styrofoam packing.

The fish on this sandwich is very crunchy, and the mayo is very sweet and spread out a lot. Not much of the cabbage and onions was used.

Ingredient of Burger King Fish Sandwich

These are the things that go into Big Fish Burger King:

  • Alaskan Pollock fish that is white and has a crunchy panko coating
  • Tartar sauce with sugar
  • Slices of pickles
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Buns with brioche toasted

If you follow the ingredients list that is shown above, you will have no trouble making your very own fish burger from Burger King. Gorton’s fish sandwich Alaskan pollock fillets breaded in golden crispy panko are the perfect fish patties for this. The tartar sauce from Great Value tastes a lot like the sauce from Burger King.

Other types of fish that would be suitable for this sandwich include breaded cod fillet, haddock, or tilapia. Here’s a recipe for making a Burger King fish sandwich at home:

  1. Prepare the frozen fish patties following the instructions on the packaging. When preparing Gorton’s fish sandwich burgers, cook them in a metal pan at 425F (218C) for 16-18 minutes, flipping after 10 minutes. To achieve a crispier texture, extend the cooking time by 3 minutes. To cook using an air fryer, set the temperature to 400F (200C) and cook for 9-13 minutes. Make sure to cook the fish to a minimum internal temperature of 165F (74C) as indicated on the packaging, and use a meat thermometer to check. 

  2. Make sure to toast the burger buns. Brioche buns have a delicate texture and can become soggy if not toasted before adding mayo. Instructions: Lightly spread the cut sides of the buns with butter. Place in the oven and broil until the cut sides are golden brown, which should take a few minutes. When using an air fryer, arrange the buns in a single layer with the cut sides facing up. Cook in an air fryer for 2-3 minutes at 400F (200C). 

  3. Prepare the fish sandwiches. Be generous with the tartar sauce like Burger King does having approximately 2 tablespoons per sandwich. Add the cooked fish burger, lettuce, and a couple of pickle slices on top. 

These end up quite similar to the original, maybe even a little improved. The BK version has a more fried taste, with an aftertaste of fast food oil. I enjoyed the enhanced fish flavour in my version with reduced oil. It’s important to ensure the hamburger buns are toasted well to prevent them from becoming soggy. To prevent soggy sandwiches, consider spreading more butter on the buns before toasting.

Nutrition Facts for BK Big Fish

NutrientAmount per Serving
Total Fat30g
Saturated Fat5.6g
Trans Fat0.3g
Total Carbohydrate54.8g
Dietary Fiber2.2g
Total Sugar9.4g

Is Burger King Fish Sandwich Halal?

Burger King uses the same oil to fry both halal and haram foods in the USA, Canada, and UK. Most of the food served at Burger King in America, including the fish sandwich, does not meet halal standards. In countries where Burger King operates in Muslim-majority regions, you can find menu items that are halal certified.

Burger King Fish Sandwich vs McDonald’s- What’s the Difference?

The Filet-O-Fish from McDonald’s comes with American cheese and no lettuce, while the Big Fish from BK has lettuce but no cheese. One distinction to note is that the McDonald’s fish sandwich features a steamed bun, whereas Burger King opts for a toasted bun.

When it comes to flavour, the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish has always been a top choice on McDonald’s menu. I was surprised that I liked Burger King Big Fish better. The fish in the BK sandwich had a crispy texture and the tartar sauce was sweeter, resulting in a more enjoyable flavour and texture compared to the McDonald’s sandwich.

Which Fast-Food Fish Sandwich is the Healthiest?

The fish sandwich at McDonald’s has significantly less sodium and calories compared to the one at Burger King. That being said, we believe the BK sandwich is superior in taste, a crucial aspect to consider when choosing food.

Expert Tips from a Dietitian

This recipe is included in Level 3, which is designed for weight maintenance and active lifestyles. Is the fish from Burger King considered nutritious? While seafood is known for being heart-healthy, the fried fish fillets and mayo in this dish contribute a significant amount of fat and calories. A regular Burger King cheeseburger contains fewer calories than a Big Fish. It is important to note that a hamburger contains much lower levels of carbohydrates and fat compared to a fish sandwich.

The Burger King fish sandwich contains 48% calories from fat and 39% calories from carbohydrates. Only 13% of your calories are derived from protein. Many people tend to enhance the fat and carb content of their meals by including soda and fries.


  • What is in the Burger King Fish Sandwich?

Burger King sandwiches contain white Alaskan pollock fish, a genuine seafood option. Pollock is commonly combined with egg whites to create imitation crab meat, although it is a distinct type of fish.

  • Is the Burger King Fish Sandwich Made From Real Fish?

Yes, the fish pieces in the Burger King Fish Sandwich are real. It’s usually made with Alaskan Pollock or another type of white fish.

  • Is the Burger King Fish Sandwich Available Year-Round?

Different places serve the Burger King Fish Sandwich, but during Lent, the 40 days before Easter, it is often available as a special item.

  • Is the Burger King Fish Sandwich Suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans?

No, the Burger King Fish Sandwich has fish in it, so vegans and vegetarians shouldn’t eat it.

  • Does the Burger King Fish Sandwich Contain Any Allergens?

There are allergens in the Burger King Fish Sandwich in the form of fish, wheat, soy, and milk. It’s important to look at the restaurant’s allergy information to get more information.

  • Can I Customise the Toppings on the Burger King Fish Sandwich?

Yes, you can usually change the toppings on the Burger King Fish Sandwich to make it your own. Cheese and pickles are popular adds.

  • How Many Calories Does the Burger King Fish Sandwich Have?

The Burger King Fish Sandwich can have different amounts of calories depending on what’s in it and how much you eat. For correct information, it’s best to visit Burger King’s main website or nutritional information.

  • Is the Burger King Fish Sandwich Available in a Meal Combo?

Yes, you can get the Burger King Fish Sandwich with a side dish, like fries, and a drink a lot of the time.

  • Are There Any Healthier Alternatives to the Burger King Fish Sandwich?

Yes, you might want to order a grilled fish burger or a salad from the menu if you want something healthy.

  • Does Burger King Offer Any Promotions or Deals on the Fish Sandwich?

Burger King might run specials or deals on the Fish Sandwich every once in a while. You can check their website or call the place to see if they have any deals going on right now.

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