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Burger King Philippines offers you a delightful experience to revel in the taste of Flamed Grilled Burgers, Signature Whopper Sandwiches, and flavorsome desserts. Must visit Burger King Philippines to enjoy the unbeatable flavors with drinks, their tremendous values, and extraordinary services that make you feel love with us!

In bustling culinary land, Burger King is renowned for the value of commitment and dedication to the specific taste bud. It has captive taste assurance and a competitive and owned reputation across the country with a beam of flavor and a sense of achievement. Burger King offers value, quality, and delectable flavors to enjoy the meal. 

Brief History

In 1997, Burger King opened its first restaurant in Robinson Galleria, Quezon City. BK expanded its branches in other cities from 1998 to 2011. Its tremendous flavors especially the Flamed Grilled Burgers and Signature Whopper Sandwich made a special place in people’s hearts. Burger King Philippines took the stairs to its success with great recognition and made fast food chain stores nationwide.

Chief Approach

  • Menu Novelty: Burger King always focuses on customer satisfaction and their view on food preferences. With each new day preferences have changed and BK innovates its offerings and recipes. BK gives attention and precision to the end details to give you a delightful dining experience.
  • Quality Assurance: The quality of the product makes the product valuable and BK makes sure to give superior quality to its consumer which results in consuming fresh ingredients from Cap a Pie in every outlet. 
  • Customer Management: Burger King Philippines engaged its customers and showed loyalty by focusing on feedback, including valuable and in-store suggestions. BK is connected with its customers through in-store feedback, social media(Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc), and surveys.BK is highly encouraged to undertake customer suggestions and give a positive gesture about their valuable time and suggestions.


Items NamePrices (₱)
BK Sundae with Nutella₱ 75
2-pc. Waffles with Nutella Combo₱ 184
2-pc. Waffles with Nutella₱ 119
Sweet Black Affogato-style₱ 105
Mocha Affogato-style₱ 115
Vanilla Affogato-style₱ 115

Group Meals

Item NamesPrices (₱)
King Feast: Mix ‘n Feast for 2₱ 389
King Feast: Mix ‘n Feast for 3₱ 795
King Feast: Mix ‘n Feast for 4₱ 795


Item NamesPrices (₱)
2-pc. BK Waffles with Maple Combo₱ 165
2-pc. BK Waffles with Maple & Sausage Combo₱ 229
BK Waffle Sausage King with Egg Combo₱ 239
BK Waffle Sausage King with Cheese Combo₱ 229
2-pc. BK Waffles with Maple₱ 105
2-pc. BK Waffles with Maple & Sausage₱ 169


Item NamesPrices (₱)
Truffle Bundle₱ 332
Truffle Jr. Bundle₱ 231
Truffle Whopper Meal₱ 285
Truffle Whopper Jr. Meal₱ 199
Truffle Whopper₱ 219
Truffle Whopper Jr.₱ 135


Item NamesPrices (₱)
Whopper Meal₱ 265
Whopper Jr. Meal₱ 158
Whopper₱ 205
Whopper Jr.₱ 79


Item NamesPrices (₱)
4-Cheese Whopper Meal₱ 325
4-Cheese Whopper Jr. Meal₱ 199
4-Cheese Whopper₱ 259
4-Cheese Whopper Jr.₱ 119


Food NamePrices (₱)
X-tra Long Chicken Sandwich Meal₱ 195
X-tra Long Chicken Jr. Sandwich Meal₱ 139
X-tra Long Chicken Sandwich₱ 125
X-tra Long Chicken Jr. Sandwich₱ 69


Food NamePrices (₱)
Plant-Based Whopper Meal₱ 325
Plant-Based Whopper Jr. Meal₱ 199
Plant-Based Whopper₱ 259
Plant-Based Whopper Jr.₱ 125


Food NamePrices (₱)
BLT Spicy Chicken King Meal₱ 309
Chicken King Meal₱ 259
Spicy Chicken King Meal₱ 269
BLT Spicy Chicken King₱ 245
Chicken King₱ 195
Spicy Chicken King₱ 205


Food NamesPrices (₱)
Flame-Grilled Cheeseburger Meal₱ 145
Flame-Grilled Double Cheeseburger Meal₱ 245
Quarter Pound King Meal₱ 315
Flame-Grilled BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Meal₱ 281
Flame-Grilled Hamburger Meal₱ 135
Flame-Grilled BBQ Hamburger Meal₱ 145


Item NamesPrices (₱)
Bacon King Meal₱ 405
Bacon King Jr. Meal₱ 299
BBQ Bacon King Meal₱ 415
BBQ Bacon King Jr. Meal₱ 309
Mushroom Swiss King Meal₱ 379
Mushroom Swiss King Jr. Meal₱ 295


Food NamePrices (₱)
2-pc. BK Chunky Chicken Fillet Combo₱ 169
2-pc. Tender Crunchy Fried Chicken Leg with Rice Combo₱ 299
1-pc. BK Chunky Chicken Fillet Combo₱ 99
1-pc. Tender Crunchy Fried Chicken Leg with Rice Combo₱ 195
2-pc. BK Chunky Chicken Fillet₱ 149
2-pc. Tender Crunchy Fried Chicken Leg with Rice₱ 285


Food NamePrices (₱)
King’s Bucket₱ 219
Cheese Bites₱ 124
Thick-Cut Fries, Regular₱ 59
Thick-Cut Fries, Medium₱ 96
Thick-Cut Fries, Large₱ 119
Onion Rings, Regular₱ 69


Food NamePrices (₱)
Roast Coffee₱ 65
Iced Sweet Black Coffee, Medium₱ 75
Iced Sweet Black Coffee, Large₱ 95
Iced Vanilla Coffee, Medium₱ 85
Iced Vanilla Coffee, Large₱ 105
Iced Mocha Coffee, Medium₱ 85


Food NamePrices (₱)
Iced Tea, Regular₱ 69
Iced Tea, Medium₱ 79
Iced Tea, Large₱ 89
Coke Original Taste, Regular₱ 69
Coke Original Taste, Medium₱ 79
Coke Original Taste, Large₱ 89
Coke Zero Sugar, Regular₱ 69
Coke Zero Sugar, Medium₱ 79
Coke Zero Sugar, Large₱ 89
Minute Maid Apple Juice, Regular₱ 78
Minute Maid Apple Juice, Medium₱ 89
Minute Maid Apple Juice, Large₱ 104
Minute Maid Orange Juice, Regular₱ 78
Minute Maid Orange Juice, Medium₱ 89
Minute Maid Orange Juice, Large₱ 104
Sprite, Small₱ 69
Sprite, Medium₱ 79
Sprite, Large₱ 89
Rootbeer Drink, Regular₱ 79
Rootbeer Drink, Medium₱ 89
Rootbeer Drink, Large₱ 99
Coke Float₱ 59
Rootbeer Float₱ 69
Bottled Water₱ 45


Food NamePrices (₱)
Caramel Espresso Sundae₱ 69
Chocolate Sundae₱ 55
Caramel Sundae₱ 55
Espresso Sundae₱ 68

P99 X-tra Long Chicken Sandwich

Burger King offers menu deals of extra tasty, extra long chicken for only ₱ 99 which saves up to ₱ 40. The value meal contains satisfaction and committing value for its customers and a lot of flavors to quench the hunger. 

2 for P129 King’s Double Deal

2 for P129 King’s Double Deal is an exceptional offer from Burger King Philippines which has gained popularity from its customers for its mouthwatering and tremendous taste. 2 for P129 King’s Double Deal offers Whopper Jr. & X-tra Long Chicken Jr. for only ₱ 129. The combination of its quality and texture makes it popular among people of all ages and a big meal fulfills the satisfaction and commitment of its value.

Plant-based Whopper:

Burger King Philippines is not only about the present customers but also the others who cannot eat meat. They specially introduced plant-based burgers for the population of the Philippines in 2020  who cannot or do not want to eat meat. It is a big treat for vegetarians. 

Statistical Insight: 

Burger King has strong statistical information that has long-lasting effects on the economy.

  • Here are a few statistics and effects:
  • Employment opportunity: There are 125 locations nationwide, based on statistical data from 2023. More than 5000 jobs, ranging from managerial to front-line positions, were available at BK.
  • Revenue Generation: Since its founding, Burger King Philippines has topped PHP 1 billion in revenue, with a 29.7 percent market share in 2021.
  • Customer Satisfaction: A poll conducted in 2023 found that 90% of respondents expressed satisfaction. Clients said the cuisine was fantastic and the services were well appreciated.  


Burger King Philippines has established 125 outlets nationwide is a testament to its competitive approach and strategy. It also has gained popularity by fulfilling its commitment to satisfaction, quality, taste, and customer values. Burger King Philippines offers deals from time to time to engage its customers. The prices mentioned above can be changed in the future due to inflation and other reasons, so check the prices on its website https://order.burgerking.com.ph/order/store/.

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