Burger King Kids Menu With Prices – What is Age Requirements

Are your children expressing their desire to eat fast food, but you do not know which items can be healthy for them? Don’t worry, Burger King has a lot of healthier options at affordable prices for people of all ages.

The Burger King menu has a variety of items for kids including classic burgers, nuggets, salads, and shakes that they are sure to love.

So if you’re looking for a quick and satisfying meal for the kids, try the Burger King Kids Menu with lots of options to brighten up their day.

Burger King Kids Menu With Prices

Burger King offers delicious and healthy choices in children’s meals that do not adversely affect their health. Now, below I am going to share some of the most popular Burger King items that kids order constantly.

Hamburger Jr. King Meal

Price: $5.99

The Hamburger Junior is a delicious and satisfying burger that comes with a 100% beef patty and is topped with a layer of crinkle-cut pickles, yellow mustard, and ketchup to make it even more delicious. After preparing all these ingredients, it is served in two hot sesame buns.

Not only this, but you will also get Mott’s® natural applesauce and drink (apple juice, Coca-Cola, chocolate milk & fat-free milk) with your meal. Apart from this, the kids get a toy with this meal to give them more fun which becomes a memorable moment for them.

Total Calories300 – 800
Protein14 – 16g
Fibre4 – 5g
Sodium500 – 700mg
Carbs70 – 80g

Cheeseburger Jr. King Meal

Price: $6.39

It is almost identical to the Hamburger Junior Burger but the difference is the American melted cheese as an additional ingredient. It is also served in two golden brown toasted sesame buns including beef patty, pickles, mustard, ketchup, and a layer of cheddar cheese.

Burger King allows kids to choose between applesauce, fries, and drinks like Coca-Cola, chocolate milk, apple juice, and more with this cheeseburger deal to keep them happy. Whether you eat it on to go or sitting at home, they will also provide a surprise toy with it.

Total Calories350 – 850
Protein20 – 25 g
Fibre1 – 3g
Sodium1200 – 1250mg

4-piece Chicken Nuggets Jr.
King Meal

Price: $6.29

This is a smaller version of the classic Chicken Nuggets meal that includes 4 pieces of nuggets, a small drink, a side, and the kids’ favorite toy.

This inexpensive meal is perfect for satisfying kids’ fast food cravings with white meat chicken nuggets, a small side (applesauce, french fries, onion rings), and a small drink (orange juice, chocolate milk, fat-free milk, etc.). Plus, Kids at Burger King can choose their favorite dipping sauce for chicken nuggets. They can select from Barbecue, Buffalo, Honey Mustard, Ranch, Sweet and Sour, or zesty. It’s like picking their tasty adventure!

Total Calories230 – 730
Protein12 – 14g
Fibre1 – 2g
Sodium700 – 800mg
Carbs70 – 80g

6-piece Chicken Nuggets Jr.
King Meal

Price: $6.69

This is a medium version of the Classic and Junior Chicken Nuggets meal, which includes 6 pieces of nuggets, a small drink, a side, and a toy. It is effective in children aged 5 to 10 years as it contains 2 extra pieces of nuggets to satisfy their hunger.

In this reasonable price range, Burger King also offers 6 different types of dipping sauces to make it taste even more delicious. Apart from these, Burger King also has some get-together deals that you can order for more than one person.

Total Calories320 – 824
Protein15 – 16g
Fibre1.2 – 2.2g
Sodium900 – 1000mg
Carbs70 – 80g

Are Toys Included in Burger King Kids Meals?

If you have any doubts about the distribution of toys, feel free to read their description in clear words where they have separately mentioned the amazing toys with kids’ meals.

At the start of every month, Burger King unveils a set of fantastic toys. And guess what? You can purchase these toys even if you don’t grab a kids’ meal at Burger King places!

These aren’t just any toys—they’re like a blockbuster of characters from awesome movies and TV shows like Star Wars, The Simpsons, Scooby-Doo, SpongeBob, and a bunch more.

But that’s not all, Burger King throws in free BK crowns for its customers. Want one? Just follow the necessary rules.

Is it Possible to Order Kids Meals During Breakfast Hours?

This varies at different Burger King locations, but generally, they do not serve Kids’ meals during breakfast hours. You have nothing except to wait until the breakfast hour is over. Alternatively, you can have other mix-and-match items like French toast or fries with a breakfast sandwich to round out your kids’ morning meal.

Overall, Burger King does its duty throughout the day to fulfill the preferences of both children & adults and makes every effort to prepare things according to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Burger King Kids Menu?

This is a special deal with kids of all ages that includes four items: a meal (burger, nuggets), a side dish (applesauce, fries, and onion rings), a drink (Coca-Cola, chocolate milk, fat-free milk), and the amazing blockbuster character toy.

  • Is the Kids Menu Available for Delivery or Through the Drive-Thru?

Sometimes due to heavy workload, you’re not free to bring your kids to the local Burger King, so you can order their meals through delivery or drive-thru.

  • Are There Any Exclusive Offers or Promotions Available for the Kids Menu?

Check Burger King’s official site, app, or social pages for the latest updates about their promotion. They usually keep offering special deals on the kid’s menu.

  • What Beverage Choices Are Available for Kids Meals?

Burger King has an amazing variety of beverages with kid’s meals like juices, fresh & chocolate milk, and soft drinks which they enjoy a lot.

  • Are Toys Included with Kids Meals?

Yes, they usually provide a surprise toy with every kid’s meal to make their day joyful. Toy stock changes at the start of every month.

  • Do They Offer Kid-Friendly Vegetarian or Vegan Choices?

Yes, they offer kids-friendly vegetarian choices to satisfy their appetite. They will use ingredients like flame-grilled veggie patties in burgers if you are non-vegan.

  • Is There a Specific Age Requirement for Placing an Order From the Kids Menu?

Typically, age does not matter, but make sure of the nutritional needs of children before placing an order to keep them healthy.

  • Are There Nutritious Options Available on the Kid’s Menu?

Yes, You can even select healthy items such as Fruit & Yogurt Parfait, Garden Salad, and fresh milk to keep your kids physically fit.

  • Is It Possible to Customize Kids Meal for My Child’s Preferences?

Yes, you have the right to tailor your children’s meals to make them happy by adding or removing ingredients or items.

  • What Kinds of Items are Offered on the Kid’s Menu?

They offer a variety of items such as classic burgers, chicken nuggets, salads, and fruits that they love.


It is very important to take care of children’s choices because they are not used to hearing rejection. Therefore, keeping the same thing in mind, the Burger King Kids Menu has been introduced so that children can choose their favorite items quickly. Every item is available in this menu which is delicious as well as healthy.

If your child’s appetite is medium, it is better to choose a 6-piece Chicken Nuggets Junior King Meal at a reasonable price. 

I hope all your questions related to Burger King Kids Meal have been answered, so contact us in the comment section to know more about it.

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