Burger King Malaysia’s Royal Menu Selection with Prices

Burger King is truly deserving of its self-proclaimed royalty status with its juicy and high-quality burgers. Their iconic Whopper establishes the standard for top-notch burgers. Burger King offers a wide range of menu items to satisfy all your cravings. In Malaysia, you can get a Chicken Burger, a Premium Burger, a Whopper, a Beef Burger, fish, sides like salads and vegetables, dessert, and drinks at Burger King.

The Whopper is Burger King’s very famous burger. It’s packed full of beef and its special sauce. The Whopper comes in a few different sizes at Burger King Malaysia. There is the single-patty Whopper Jr., the double-patty Original Whopper, and the quad-patty 4×4. There are four meat burgers, four cheese pieces, bacon, and a unique sauce in the 4×4.

If you’re a Chicken lover instead of beef, Burger King Malaysia has a variety of chicken sandwiches available on its menu. This Chicken Tendercrisp showcases tender white meat chicken breast fillets seasoned with a zesty blend of herbs and spices. The Chicken Tendercrisp comes with fresh lettuce and mayonnaise on a sesame seed bun that’s been toasted to perfection.

Chicken Burgers

Items NamePrice
French ChickenRM 17.41/ (Medium) RM 21.90 / (Large) 23.90
Chick’n CrispRM 9.90 / (Medium) RM 14.39 / (Large) 16.40
TendercrispRM 16.00 / (Medium) RM 20.50 / (Large) 22.50
Long ChickenRM 12.90 / (Medium) RM 17.41 / (Large) 19.40
TendergrillRM 15.00 / (Medium) RM 19.50 / (Large) 21.50
2 PCS Fried Chicken(Medium) RM 21.90 / (Large) 23.90
Mushroom TendergrillRM 17.90 / (Medium) RM 22.40 / (Large) 24.40

Beef Burgers

Items NamePrice
Single BBQ BeefaconRM 13.90 / (Medium) RM 18.40 / (Large) 20.41
Double BBQ BeefaconRM 18.40 / (Medium) RM 22.90 / (Large) 24.90
Mushroom Swiss SingleRM 13.90 / (Medium) RM 18.40 / (Large) 20.41
Mushroom Swiss DoubleRM 18.40 / (Medium) RM 22.90 / (Large) 24.90
CheeseburgerRM 10.90 / (Medium) RM 15.40 / (Large) 17.41
Double CheeseburgerRM 15.40 / (Medium) RM 19.90 / (Large) 21.90
Long Cheesy Onion BeefRM 17.00 / (Medium) RM 21.50 / (Large) 23.50


Items NameSetALA Carte
Whopper(Medium) RM 22.50 / (Large) RM 24.50RM 18.00
Whopper with Cheese(Medium) RM 25.50 / (Large) RM 27.50RM 21.00
Whopper Jr(Medium) RM 13.90 / (Large) RM 18.00RM 11.50


Items NameSetALA Carte
Rye Cheesy Caramelized OnionsRM 10.80RM 6.90
Rye Chicken StripsRM 11.80RM 7.90
Rye BeefaconRM 13.80RM 9.90
Rye Mushroom SwissRM 14.80RM 10.90

King Value Set

SetItems NamePrice
KV 1Whopper Jr+ Cheesy Fries + CokeRM 11.50
KV 2Tartar Crispy Chicken + Cheesy Fries + CokeRM 11.50

Family Bundle

Items NameSetPrice
BBQ Long Chicken + 2 BBQ Chick’N Crisp + Pie + Fries + 2 Cokes FloatsARM 28.00
BBQ Long Chicken + 2 BBQ Beef + Fries +Pie + 2 Coke FloatsBRM 28.00


Items NamePrice
Fish’n CrispRM 10.90 (M) RM 15.40 / (L) RM 17.41


Items NamePrice
Mushroom Veggie BurgerRM 6.50
SaladRM 5.90

BK Premium

Items NamePrice
Triple Whopper Jr with CheeseRM 20.41 / (Medium) RM 24.90 / (Large) 26.90
Supreme Nachos TendercrispRM 19.00 / (Medium) RM 23.50 / (Large) 25.50
Steakhouse WhopperRM 21.40 / (Medium) RM 25.90 / (Large) 27.90
Supreme SalmonRM 19.30 / (Medium) RM 23.80 / (Large) 25.80

Cheesy Macaroni

Items NamePrice
Cheesy Macaroni TendergrillRM 16.90
Cheesy Macaroni XL BeefRM 17.50


Items NamePrice
Onion Rings(Medium) RM 5.90 / (Large) 8.50
Nuggets 9 PCS With Nacho CheeseRM 11.90
Nuggets 5 PCS With Nacho CheeseRM 9.81
French Fries (M)RM 5.90
French Fries (L)RM 7.50
Cheesy FriesRM 7.50
Tri Colour FriesRM 8.50
1 PCS Fried Chicken (Spicy/Original)RM 7.90
Mozzarella Cheese Stick(Medium) RM 7.90 / (Large) 11.90


Items NamePrice
Taro PieRM 4.90
Pineapple PieRM 4.90
Apple PieRM 4.90
Banana PieRM 4.90
Hershey’s Sundae PieRM 8.90


Items NamePrice
Soft Drinks (M)RM 4.51
Soft Drinks (L)RM 5.50
Iced Lemon Tea (M)RM 4.51
Iced Lemon Tea (L)RM 5.50
Minute Maid Orange (M)RM 4.51
Minute Maid Orange (L)RM 5.50
Mineral WaterRM 4.51
Hot TeaRM 4.51
Hot Teh TarikRM 5.50
Iced Teh TarikRM 6.90
Hot LatteRM 7.90
Hot AmericanoRM 6.50
Hot ChocolateRM 6.50
Hot CappuccinoRM 7.50
Hot MochaRM 7.90
Iced ChocolateRM 7.50
Iced MochaRM 9.50
Iced LatteRM 9.50
Ice AmericanoRM 7.50

Where to Order Burger King in Malaysia?

Through its almost 90 restaurants in Malaysia, Burger King has gone above and beyond to make sure we only get the best burgers. Spending time with your family in this place is very enjoyable. Each port is big. A sunny sitting area has been added thanks to recent changes to the inside. Certain locations even have tall stools that are great for people who want to eat alone.

On the other hand, you could easily have burgers brought to you if you’d rather eat them at home! Order from the closest Burger King by downloading the Foodpanda or GrabFood app.

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