Burger King Milkshakes Menu with Nutrition Facts

Do you really like milkshakes? Burger King offers a tasty milkshake menu with lots of different flavors for you to pick from. Burger King covers everything whether you want to drink a classic chocolate milkshake or something like a strawberry banana milkshake. In this article, We’ll check out the entire Burger King milkshakes menu.

We’ll also cover all the different flavors you can get, and their prices, and also give you details about their nutritional information. Furthermore, we will provide you with some more tips regarding how to choose the perfect Burger King milkshake for yourself.

Burger King Milkshakes Menu With Prices

Real milk and ice cream are used in all Burger King milkshakes, and the variety of milkshakes are available in all franchises of Burger King.

Chocolate Milkshake

Description: This milkshake is made with rich and creamy chocolate ice cream. It’s a perfect treat for those who love chocolate.

Weight394.6 g
Fat20.6 g
Saturated Fat15.1 g
Trans Fat0.6 g
Cholesterol53.2 mg
Sodium416.3 mg
Carbohydrates131.1 g
Fiber1.7 g
Sugar112.4 g
Proteins13.6 g

Vanilla Milkshake

Description: If you like the classic flavors then vanilla flavor will be the best option for you. Vanilla ice cream is used for making it and it’s plain but very tasty. You can make it your own by adding extras like chocolate syrup on top.

Weight391.5 g
Fat15.3 g
Saturated Fat9.9 g
Trans Fat0.4 g
Cholesterol61.1 mg
Sodium404 mg
Carbohydrates97.9 g
Fiber0.3 g
Sugar85.2 g
Proteins13.6 g

Strawberry Milkshake

Description: If you want something fruity, consider trying the strawberry milkshake. It’s made with real strawberries and strawberry ice cream, giving it a sweet and refreshing taste.

Weight429.9 g
Fat15.3 g
Saturated Fat9.9 g
Trans Fat0.4 g
Cholesterol61.1 mg
Sodium408.9 mg
Carbohydrates112.7 g
Fiber0.3 g
Sugar99.1 g
Proteins13.8 g

Oreo Cookie Shake

Description: If you love chocolate and Oreos, this milkshake is a great choice. It’s made with chocolate ice cream and pieces of Oreo cookies, making it a delicious and indulgent delight.

Weight408.9 g
Fat20.1 g
Saturated Fat11.8 g
Trans Fat0.6 g
Cholesterol67.3 mg
Sodium462.2 mg
Carbohydrates117.8 g
Fiber0.7 g
Sugar98.3 g
Proteins15.9 g

Chocolate Oreo Cookie Shake

If you like both chocolate and Oreo then a chocolate Oreo cookie shake is great for you. It’s made with chocolate ice cream and bits of Oreo cookies, creating a delightful and fulfilling treat.

Weight411.6 g
Fat17.4 g
Saturated Fat10.1 g
Trans Fat0.4 g
Cholesterol53.1 mg
Sodium474.5 mg
Carbohydrates115.6 g
Fiber1.7 g
Sugar91 g
Proteins13.6 g

What Size of Milkshake Does Burger King Have?

We have provided the below chart that contains the various sizes of milkshakes that you can get at Burger King. The price of these milkshakes depends upon their sizes. Additionally, remember that the prices for milkshakes can vary based on where the restaurant is located.

Type of MilkshakeRegular SizeLarge Size
Chocolate Milkshake16 oz20 oz
Chocolate Oreo Cookie Shake16 oz20 oz
Vanilla Milkshake16 oz20 oz
Strawberry Milkshake16 oz20 oz
Oreo Cookie Shake16 oz20 oz

Does Burger King Use Real Ice Cream in Milkshakes?

Yes, It’s 100% Burger King uses real ice cream in shakes. Since the 1970s they have used soft ice cream made with real dairy, which gives it a creamy and shiny touch. Burger King shakes take this soft-serve ice cream and mix it with different flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. They also add extras like syrups, candies, and cookies.

This combination creates a delicious and invigorating drink, perfect for a hot summer day. On the other hand, other fast food restaurants use powdered mixes and other non-dairy substitutes for shakes, while Burger King uses pure, soft-serve ice cream to create a rich, creamy drink.

Are Burger King Milkshakes Healthy?

Due to high calories, sugar, and fats, the Burger King Milkshakes are not considered good for health. Such as a small vanilla milkshake at Burger King, which is 12 fluid ounces in size, and has 500 calories. It also contains 34 grams of sugar and 15 grams of fat. 

A small Burger King milkshake contains more sugar than the recommended daily limit for women, meaning it’s higher in sugar than what’s considered healthy in a single serving. The American Heart Association suggests that women should have no more than 6 teaspoons (24 grams) of added sugar per day, while men should aim for no more than 9 teaspoons (36 grams) of added sugar.

Several diseases such as obesity, stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes are caused because of high sugar in the diet. So it is very important to take care of the sugar quality in your daily life usage to prevent yourself from various diseases.

Do Burger King Milkshakes Contain any Allergen?

Burger King milkshakes have things in them that can make some people sick if they’re allergic to them. These things include milk, soy, wheat, and tree nuts, and they’re in the stuff they use to make the milkshakes. If you have trouble with milk sugar, called lactose, you might want to avoid Burger King’s milkshakes because they’re not made for people who can’t handle lactose.

Furthermore, Burger King mentioned their milkshakes have soy, wheat, and tree nuts. There’s also a chance that these milkshakes might get mixed with other allergens while they’re being made. So, if you have allergies, you should be cautious when it comes to their milkshakes

Burger King Milkshakes Review

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Flavors of Milkshakes Does Burger King Offer?

At Burger King, you can get milkshakes in four flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and Oreo cookie.

  • Are Burger King Milkshakes Made With Real Ice Cream?

Burger King uses real soft-serve ice cream in their milkshakes.

  • Do Burger King Milkshakes Contain Any Allergens?

Burger King milkshakes might have ingredients like milk, soy, wheat, and tree nuts that can cause allergies. It’s a good idea to look at the menu for more specific information about the ingredients.

  • Can I Customize My Milkshake With Toppings?

Of course! You can make your milkshake even better by adding extra treats like chocolate syrup or whipped cream on top.

  • What Sizes of Milkshakes Are Available?

Burger King gives you options for different sizes of milkshakes, including small, medium, and large. For the exact sizes, it’s a good idea to look at the menu.

  • Are Burger King Milkshake Prices the Same on All Locations?

The price of milkshakes at Burger King can vary depending on the specific location of the restaurant.

  • Are Burger King Milkshakes Good for People with Lactose Intolerance?

If you have trouble with lactose, you might want to avoid Burger King’s milkshakes because they usually have dairy in them, which can be tough for people with lactose intolerance to digest.

  • Can I Find Nutritional Information for Burger King Milkshakes?

Yes, if you want to know about the nutritional information of Burger King’s milkshakes, such as the number of calories, you can find all the details on Burger King’s official website.

  • Do Burger King Milkshakes Contain Any Artificial Flavors or Colors?

Burger King aims to use natural ingredients in their milkshakes, but it’s a good idea to check the ingredient list for any additional substances just to be sure.

  • Are There Any Seasonal or Limited-Time Milkshake Flavors?

Burger King sometimes brings out special milkshake flavors for certain seasons or limited times, so it’s a good idea to inquire about any current promotions or unique options at your local restaurant.


The entire article concludes that Burger King’s milkshake is a very delicious and stimulating drink that enables people to enjoy it. Customers also can choose various flavors according to their fondness. Thanks for looking at the Burger King Milkshakes Menu, I hope you found the information useful. If you have any questions or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to share them in the comments.

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